7 Step Guide to Winning New Business

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Winning New Business

7 Step Guide to Winning New Business

 1. Communicate with leads on a regular basis via phone or email.
For Winning the New Business, stay in touch with customers lets them know you are thinking about them and not taking them for granted. Try to show them that you care by sending them helpful information that is relevant to their industry.

 2. Make realistic promises to prospects and always keep your word.
While it’s tempting to oversell when there’s tough competition involved, always maintain the trust of your prospective client by making realistic promises. Never over-commit to win business. It is better to be realistic than to make commitments that you cannot keep.

 3. Respond quickly to questions from leads and propose a resolution.
Responding to potential leads promptly shows potential leads your level of professionalism and how much you value them. A delayed response makes a customer feel as if your communication with them will be slow or inconsistent.

 4. Be empathetic to prospects who have had negative experiences.
When you interact with a dissatisfied prospective customer it is important to carefully listen to them to fully understand what their expectations were and to show them what they feel is important to you. Use this experience to ask questions and show them that you are dedicated to resolving their issues and keeping them happy.

5. Ensure the quality of your product/service and deliver on time.
It is extremely important to get feedback from prospective customers on the services that they have used in the past in order to find out what they liked and disliked about them. Use this opportunity to show them how your product or service stands out. Offer them a deliverable, such as a free trial or demo, and schedule a date to follow up with them to deliver what you have offered.

 6. Coordinate with your colleagues to meet customer expectations.
Sometimes it takes a group effort to meet the needs of a customer. This is because every team or department within a company offers a different level of experience and every person with those departments offers a different perspective on things. Have regular meetings that include departments that affect your customer’s needs.

 7. Have a strategy in place to follow-up with leads on specific dates.
Statistics show that most repeat or referral business comes from satisfied customers. Be sure to stay in touch with new customers after they onboard to see how things are going and to continuing building a professional relationship. Call or email them regularly to show them that you are genuinely concerned with their happiness with your product or service.

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