5 Types of Customer Support to Consider Offering

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In the age of technology that we live in, it is important to offer your customers a variety of options to get in touch with you with best customer support. When a customer has an issue, it is detrimental that it be resolved quickly and efficiently in order to create a positive experience. Customers who are happy with the level of service and support they receive are much more likely to do repeat business with you. This is an essential aspect of growing your customer base and retaining existing clients.

Outsourced Call Center Support

Outsourced call centers offer a variety of services to help support your business needs and have the ability to create customized campaigns dedicated to specific goals within your company. Outsourced support consists of both inbound and outbound calls which can include customer support, help desk support, lead generation, appointment setting, order placing, etc.

Live Chat support

Live chat support offers instant support to visitors on your site and can be used to assist with lead generation or customer support. This type of support is mainly used to offer assistance to website visitors or handle non-complex issues from existing customers.

Email Support

Email support is one of the most standard forms of customer service and is one of the most popular methods that a customer uses to ask a question or express a concern. To maintain a high-level of customer satisfaction, it is recommended to have a system in place that enables you to respond to all email inquiries within 48 hours.

Social Media Support

Social Media Support is gaining more popularity than ever before as people are expressing their concerns or frustrations directly on company’s social media pages. To protect your company’s image, it is important that these concerns receive a response as fast as possible.

Mobile Support

SMS or texting is increasingly growing in popularity as it offers customers a way to address their concerns or questions in real-time. This is extremely important to customers who may be on the fence about making a purchase due to questions they may have.

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