How to Rebuild Your Relationship with Former Customers

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Former Customers

How to Rebuild Your Relationship with Former Customers

1.It is important to show former customers that their business really mattered to your company. One way you can do this is to let them know you are interested in finding out why the business was lost. In many cases, people are most transparent when communicating via email as opposed to by phone. Send an email with a warm and personal tone, while at the same time remaining professional in your dialogue. Making your former customer feel comfortable in confiding in you will go a long way in uncovering why they chose to move on from your company.

2. It is detrimental to take responsibility on behalf of your company for any situations or experiences that your former customer had an issue with. Always remember, the customer is always right. Admit your mistakes and work with the customer to find a way to overcome any negative perception or experience they may encounter. Offer a resolution and also a perk as a way of extending an olive branch.

3. Knowledge is extremely powerful. Give former customers information about anything new or different that your company is currently providing. Let them know about new initiatives, sales, promotions, software, or technology your company is now using. It is important that you show them what has changed since they left and what new things you have to offer them if they decide to do business with you again.

4. If your customer stopped doing business with you because they could no longer afford your services or found another company for a lower cost, be understanding of their decision. Make your former customers aware that you understand that they are trying to save money by reducing costs. If possible, offer them a discounted rate or a perk that they did not have before. Also, advise them of any new features or offerings you have.

5. It is extremely important to assure former customers that regardless of their past experiences with your company, you will personally make sure things will be different in the future. Let customers know that they have an advocate in you and give them a way they can reach you directly by phone or email. Remind them why it makes sense to do business with you again. Work on rebuilding trust with former customers through consistent communication and quick responses to any questions or concerns they have.