Coronavirus: 5 Critical Tips For Businesses That are Still Open

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Coronavirus: 5 Critical Tips For Businesses That are Still Open

As the Covid-19 pandemic evolves, there seems to be new breaking news and updates every hour. This is causing many business owners uncertainty as to what steps they should take to both protect their employees and support their customers. The U.S. Chamber of Commerce has created a coronavirus toolkit which is comprised of a complication of recommendations from the CDC for the protection of businesses and their employees.

Although many businesses are temporarily closed do to the “Stay at Home” order, there are a number of businesses that legally permitted to stay open as they provide essential products and services to the public. Below is a list of steps that the CDC recommends for any business still open during the coronavirus pandemic.

Create a remote option for all employees

There are a variety of free tools that business owners can utilize to communicate with their employees so that work teams and internal departments can remain efficient. Develop a remote work policy that covers the expectations and deliverables each team member is responsible for achieving.

Give employees flexibility in work schedule

With schools and businesses being closed it may be difficult for some employees to manage their work-life balance because the shut-down we are experiencing due to the coronavirus is something new to everyone. Try to be as understanding when something comes up with one of your employees and create a detailed contingency plan in place to implement in the event that you become short staffed.

Be direct and transparent with your customers

We are all facing this world-wide crisis together, so be as transparent as possible about any changes being made in your business. Customers are typically understanding and empathetic in situations where they are appropriately communicated with.

Stress the importance of preventive hygiene

The CDC recommends the following to stop the spread of the corona virus:

  • No physical greetings: use a verbal greeting while remaining 6 feet from the person
  • Thoroughly wash hands: scrub for at least 20 seconds while interlocking your hands
  • Don’t touch your face: be extremely vigilant about not touching any part of your face
  • Constantly disinfect: disinfect surfaces, doorknobs, handrails, tables, phones and desks.

Develop a long-term strategy for your business

The coronavirus is still spreading throughout the world, creating a ripple effect that will impact the economy for some time. Make it a priority to speak with your vendors, investors, and partners to implement safeguards to keep your business afloat until things get back to normal.