9 Benefits of Outsourcing Your Customer Support

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Customer Support is one of the most important aspects of any business. It has the distinct ability to make or break a company, regardless of size or popularity. In this age of relationship marketing, it’s vital to make every customer contact as positive and productive as possible. Even if your company offers the best product or service in your industry, you won’t retain your customers unless they feel heard, supported, and respected in their communication with you.

Outsourcing your customer support is one of the best ways for a company to quickly improve productivity, efficiency, and profits. In fact, many well-known businesses attribute their improved success to moving their in-house customer service efforts to an outsourced call center services company. This is largely due to the fact that operations run more smoothly for both the business and their customers. Read below to discover how outsourcing your customer service support can tremendously benefit your business.

1. They Handle Your Customer Support on Social Media
Great customer service is all about effectively meeting the needs of your customers while providing them with an exceptional level of service. In the age of social media, customers are no longer just reaching out to businesses by phone, they are often communicating with them on social media. This is a growing trend that many businesses do not have an effective strategy for which is where outsourcing comes in. An outsourced call center agency can evaluate the ways in which consumers contact you and handle your Customer Support inquiries on those platforms.

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2. No Need for Additional Employee Training
Allowing call center personnel to handle customer service calls saves businesses the costs and time that they would otherwise be devoted to training employees on this aspect of operations. In many cases, when you train new hires to handle your customer service needs, it can take months for them to become efficient in their roles. Outsourcing your customer support allows save time and money by working with remote agents that will be quickly trained on your processes and are highly experienced in providing customer service. This ensures that your customers are receiving a high level of customer service, while cutting down on new-hire costs in the process.

3. You Can Cut Down on Costs
Agencies that provide call center services are capable of developing customer relationships while minimizing expenses, through developing an effective customer service strategy for your business. This strategy would include a plan that allows your customer service to be quickly scaling up or down depending on your needs. Additionally, outsourcing your Customer Support would eliminate the need for resources such as call center staff, equipment, executives, and work space. Reducing these costs allows you to increase the budget for other key business functions.

4. Retain Customers More Efficiently
Being able to effectively interact with your customers extends you an opportunity to strengthen your brand and nurture customer relationships. Outsourcing agencies have extensive experience in customer care services and can help you get the most out of customer relationships through highly skilled agents, customized programs, and unique methodologies. By effectively managing your customer interactions, outsourcing agencies help you build your brand image and retain your customers.

5. 24×7 Phone Support for Your Customers
Outsourcing agencies are perfect for providing customer support after regular business hours and during the holidays for businesses that need around the clock support. For example, if you have an e-commerce business that needs to provide customer support 24 hours a day, irrespective of geographic location or time zone of the customer, an outsourced call center solution would be highly effective alternative.

6. Makes a Positive Impression on Your Customers
It is a well-known fact that excellent customer service is vital to the success of any and every business. Dissatisfied customers are more likely to be very vocal in communicating a negative customer service experience, which in turn negatively impacts acquiring new business. Utilizing a call center agency is a highly effective way to ensure your customers receive exceptional customer service, as this is an area that outsourced agencies specialize in. Call center agencies are experts in customer service and know-how to represent your business in a professional manner, while helping you increase customer satisfaction.

7. Higher Call Volumes are Easily Managed
Many times a sudden increase in customer volume causes companies to experience a huge loss of business simply because they were not prepared to handle a much larger workload. This is because people generally do not like to put on hold when calling a business whether for an inquiry or to place an order. Call center agencies are adequately prepared to handle increases in business volume which provides your customers with much shorter hold times. This factor alone results in a higher rate of customer retention, which is the driving force behind growing your business.

8. Frees Up Manpower for Other Projects
Most companies don’t maintain a staff that is solely dedicated to handling in-coming customer calls. Although they may train their team on how to provide excellent customer service over the phone, this can hinder their employees from completing other tasks that are detrimental to their business. Leaving your in-house staff to handle your customer service calls often results in a breakdown inefficiency. Utilizing an outsourced call center agency allows you to reserve your in-house staff for other key areas of operations that are needed for your business to function efficiently and successfully.

9. Expands Your Reach Internationally
When conducting business internationally, it is very important that the differences in time zones be taken it to consideration. An advantage of utilizing an outsourced call center agency is that they have highly trained agents available to your customers on an around-the-clock basis. This means that customers across the globe are able to connect with someone from your company during their specific time-zone no matter what part of the country they are calling from. For the average company, offering this measure of convenience is much more cost effective outsourced then utilizing in-house staff.