6 Ways to Provide Exceptional Customer Service in 2020

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6 Ways to Provide Exceptional Customer Service in 2020

6 Ways to Provide Exceptional Customer Service in 2020

Customer satisfaction plays a huge role in the success of your business. Customers who are unsatisfied directly impact your customer retention which can be extremely costly. To help you add more value to your customer service efforts, we’ve put together a list of 6 highly effective customer service tips aimed at helping you improve customer satisfaction levels and boost customer loyalty!

1. Create Memorable Customer Service Experiences

The key to turning a client into a life-long customer is by showing them that you care about them. A study by Wunderman reveals that nearly 79% of consumers prefer to only do business with a brand that shows it actually cares about them. One extremely effective way to stand out to your customers is to make each experience that you have with them memorable by going above and beyond to meet their needs and exceed their expectations. Do contact us with Ver-a-Fast. We are committed to helping you achieve your goals.

2. Address Your Customers by Name

While your customers desire a professional experience when it comes to the service that they receive from you, they also seek a more personal customer experience whether you are communicating with them in person, over the phone, or through email. Addressing your customer by their name helps them connect with you as a person, which is essential to building the trust that they need in order to feel comfortable with buying from you.

3. Always Send Personalized Messages

When sending a customer a written message, it is important to communicate with them as if you are talking to them in person. Sending a generic-sounding message that has no personal touch to it makes a customer feel as if they are not important to you. In many cases, it is more effective to send a “blanket” message to customers but even, in that case, you can make it sound personal by taking a little extra time to word it as if you are having a conversation with them in person.

4. Reward Loyal Customers

It’s a wonderful feeling to be shown that you are appreciated, this is especially true when it comes to making your customers feel valued. One of the best ways to show your customers you value their business is to offer some type of loyalty program where they are rewarded for doing repeat business with you. Not only do loyalty programs increase customer satisfaction, but they also give your customers something to look forward to which creates a positive memorable experience.

5. Provide Fast Customer Service Support

When a customer has a question, issue, or problem, they want to communicate with someone promptly. We live in the age of technology where people are used to fast responses, quick solutions, and immediate gratification. This expectation is heightened even more so once a customer has an issue or experience that they are unhappy with. The quicker you respond to the needs of your customer and find a resolution to their problem, the more likely they are to turn into a long-time customer as great customer service is extremely hard to come by.

6. Offer Omnichannel Support

Is it for your customers to contact you? One of the most common complaints that customers have is that it is hard to get in touch with a live person when they have an issue. This can mean the difference between a customer keeping their business with you or taking it elsewhere. Luckily, in this age of technology, there are a multitude of ways to quickly communicate with your customers. In case you’re not already familiar with the phrase “Omnichannel Support”,  it basically means having a presence and a customer experience strategy in place on any channel where your clients are active.

Here is a shortlist of channels to consider:

  • Social media support
  • Email support
  • Phone support
  • Live chat support